Have a look at this guy. Makoto Nagano is a Japanese fisherman and was 34 years old when this was shot.

He competed in SASUKE / Ninja Warrior six times before he won, even getting to the final stage and failing by less than a second. He never gave up. That’s how you win.

The incredible upper body strength on display is nothing compared to the mental strength to keep going and push yourself just a bit further.

Makoto Nagano on Wikipedia

One reply on “Never give up. Never stop trying”

  1. I just randomly found your site through a google search for “Nagano training”. I like your content.

    Thanks for the post on Nagano.

    I see that the youtube video you posted is down. Here is a link to another video displaying Nagano’s skills, and a few clips of him training:

    He is a commercial fisherman by trade, and it shows him training on his ship – doing situps off of the bow, doing a handstand at the top of the mast, and more…

    Pretty impressive guy!

    Anyways, thanks again for your post.


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