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Here’s a great quote from Ryan Holiday about fighting back against self-imposed barriers, called “The Myth of Prodigy“.

He let himself get drawn into a way of thinking that limited him:

As competition grew fiercer, I capitulated instead of fighting it. I accepted my own fate as a novelty. I admitted I was a flash in the pan, that I was nothing special, that it was all a fluke.

Only by fighting against that mindset could he begin to achieve his true potential

“Everytime I wanted to stop I sped it up a little. Each goal I set–I’ll stop at 3 miles–I exceeded by .1 or .2. I excised those demons (laziness) by refusing to indulge them.”

So there are just two steps

  1. Recognise that you’ve set your own limits
  2. Ignore them and push past.

You can always do one more rep, run that bit further, achieve more than you thought possible. You just have to reach for it.

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